Frequently Asked Questions

PRO-360 & PRO-3600 (FAQs)

ISU Inclinometer (FAQs)

Are there attachments available for the PRO-360 and PRO-3600?.

Because of the many applications we do not manufacture attachments. There are two (2) 6-32 tapped holes in the protractor's baseplate which can accommodate any type of customer furnished attachment.

Is there a magnetic baseplate available?.

One of our distributors, Kell-Strom Tool, manufactures a magnetic baseplate P/N KS5571 for our protractors. Call (800) 851-6851 for price and delivery.

Do your protractors have a warranty?.

Both the PRO-360 and PRO-3600 have 1 year Limited Warranties.

Do you need special tools, granite surface or sign blocks to calibrate your protractors?.

The protractors can be calibrated on any vertical or horizontal surface. See the calibration procedure in the Owner's Manual. If a traceable Calibration Certificate is required by your QA department, we recommend taking the protractor to a local, metrology facility and having them perform the calibration in their lab.

Where can I buy one of these protractors?.

The PRO-360 and PRO-3600 are sold exclusively through our distribution network worldwide. Contact us for the distributor nearest you.

The protractors automatically shut off after 5 minutes of operation and I need it to run continuously. How can I turn off this feature?.

The PRO-360, Auto Shut Off feature can only be turned off by technicians in our Oklahoma City, OK factory. Therefore, you must return your PRO-360 to our facility for this modification. See the return authorization (RA) procedure.

Where do I send my protractor for repair service?.

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Do your protractors have EMI or RFI protection?.

The protractors have passed tests for EMI and RFI compliance as part of our testing for the CE Mark Declaration of Conformity. The PRO-360 and PRO-3600 are certified for light industrial environments and conform to the requirements of the EN50082-1:1992 standard.

Does the ISU need time to warm up?.

No. The ISU does not need time to warm up; however, there is a 3 second self-test that is done on power up. Therefore, you should wait 3 seconds after applying power before trying to read the angle.

What is the long term stability of the ISU?.

Based on our testing, the long term stability of the ISU should be within +/- 0.30 degrees over a 5 year period at 25 degrees C.

How does the ISU communicate?.

ISUs communicate either in binary or ASCII mode depending on the input received on the RX line. See Application Note #105. There is no set up change and any ISU can communicate in either mode.

How fast can you get angle readings from the ISU?.

Reading can be obtained every 8/15 of a second or 533 msec. ISUs with faster sample rates are available.

Is the ISU sensitive to noise on the input power?.

The effect depends, among other things, on the frequency characteristics of the input power supply ripple. Best accuracy is attained with less that 20 mV peak-to-peak ripple. We recommend using a linear voltage regulator specifically for the ISU with a 100 uF capacitor on its output.

Does the ISU have a warranty?.

The ISU has 1 year Limited Warranty.